Monday, October 28, 2013


If I was chosen to wear an invisible cloak for a day to perform a good deed, I would help the poor, help the people who were in trouble, and kids that are getting bullied. The poor need a lot of things in their lives. I would help them get some food for their family. I would help them look for simple jobs.

I would also help the people who are in trouble. If someone is getting robbed, I would help catch the bad guy and give the stuff that he robbed back. I would then hand him over to the police. I would especially help the kids who are getting bullied. If I see someone getting bullied, I would be there to warn the bullies to leave him alone. If someone needed help for a day, I would help them. I would get them out of trouble, help the poor provide for their family, and help the kids that are getting bullied.

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