Monday, September 16, 2013

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My Algebra II Honors Class

In my Algebra II Honors class, my teacher is Mr. Olsen. He is smart and a good guy. He may have his downs and start yelling students off sometimes but he is a good guy. He also teaches Geometry for freshmen and sophomores. He is a big fan of the New York Rangers. He's been teaching in Wood-Ridge High School.
I expect to learn a lot of new stuff involving algebra. I hope we go on a trip somewhere fun and exciting. His grading policy is very similar to most of the teachers in the school. It goes like this: test and quizzes is 40%, projects are 40%, homework is 10% and participation is 10%. It's scary sometimes because if you fail a test, a quiz or a project, then your grade will go down a lot.
We don't use a lot of technology in the class. The only technology I see is Mr. Olsen's laptop and Ipad. All of the students in his class are required to have a graphing calculator. It is a calculator that can type and graph like a computer. The newest version is the TI-84, which is colored and more advance. These calculators are expensive, they go up to $130.

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